Tom Mangan

Tom Mangan

Technology Content Marketing Writer

Expert content marketing writer and editor. B2B specialist. Niches: Enterprise IT, cyber security, healthcare, biopharma, fitness/wellness, marine energy, industry, insurance.

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Gear Maker Profile: Graham Williams of CiloGear

Graham Williams named CiloGear, his alpine pack company, after a mountain range in eastern Turkey, but he really discovered how to haul things uphill in the twisting staircases of New York City.

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Gear Maker Profile: Henry Shires and his Tarptents

Henry Shires never planned to get into the tarptent business. The tarptent business got into him.

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Gear Maker Profile: Jack Myers and Jack Tier of Jacks 'R' Better ...

The story of Jacks ‘R’ Better might best be called Operation Warm Fanny.

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Gear Maker Profile: Kevin Kinney of Empire Canvas Works ...

Three decades into the Age of Gore-Tex, some people are still wearing cotton and wool into the woods in the depths of winter.