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Tom Mangan

Technology Content Marketing Writer

Expert content marketing writer and editor. B2B specialist. Niches: Enterprise IT, cyber security, healthcare, biopharma, fitness/wellness, marine energy, industry, insurance.

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3 Leading Killers of Content Quality

So, what kills content quality? Here’s a look at three of the most common culprits

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3 More Leading Killers of Content Quality

Today I have three more problems that often derail an organization’s marketing strategy and take a hit on content quality.

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5 Secrets of the Best Headline Ever Written

Thirty years ago, something terrible happened in a New York City nightspot. Blood everywhere, a decapitated body. The newsroom of the New York Post got wind of this gruesome scene ....

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A 6-Point Content Editing Checklist for Inbound Marketing

Content editing is a vital step if you want your B2B inbound marketing campaign to connect with the savvy people who have control of your target customers’ budgets. You just can’t afford to leave a bunch of Roving Deal Killers in your articles.

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Content Marketing Skills: Writing the Hook

Headlines and opening paragraphs are juicy bait dangling near the catfish’s nose. It’s the hook that makes things happen.

The hook is the section of a blog post, article or white paper that triggers the reader’s instinct to keep reading.

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Confused About Using Twitter for Your Small Business?

If you’re thinking about using Twitter for your small business, you’ll need to understand how it works, but that’s not easy because Twitter perpetuates a lot of misunderstandings.

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An Editor's Guide to Working with Content Marketing Writers ...

My guiding principle in editing the work of content marketing writers every day can be summarized in two words: Be nice.

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How B2B Manufacturers Can Build an Army of Fans

Rallying fans to market your business’ wares works great if you’re Apple or any other huge company making products adored by millions of consumers. But what if you’re a B2B manufacturer with a client base that numbers in the hundreds or thousands?

It’s still doable.

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Curation Tools: 5 to Help You Discover and Distribute Great Content ...

I’ve been curating content online since the mid-’90s, and I never want to go back to the bad old days of trying to bookmark dozens of websites and recheck them all day for evidence of fresh updates. Those headaches are long forgotten, but curators still face the same challenges: how to find great content and how to get people to read it.

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How to Add Expensive Research to Your B2B Marketing for Free ...

Credible research and expert analysis are gold in the B2B marketing realm, but nobody likes paying the gold-plated cost of some of the best original research.

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How to Create a Content Marketing Style Guide

If your company’s getting ready to implement a content marketing strategy, you’re going to need a content marketing style guide to ensure consistency throughout your efforts.

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Learn a New Subject Fast for Expert Content Marketing

It comes like clockwork at the worst possible time: the rush job on a topic you know nothing about.

Earnest content marketing writers give ourselves a day or two to dive deep into a topic and get a feel for the subtleties of product benefits and customer pain points. But sometimes we don’t have that option, so we have to know how to learn a new subject fast in order to produce great content on it.