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Expert content marketing writer and editor. B2B specialist. Niches: Enterprise IT, cyber security, healthcare, biopharma, fitness/wellness, marine energy, industry, insurance.

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Wind turbine graphic article

Market Opportunities for Offshore Wind: What Does the Future Hold?

The future of the offshore wind market depends on where you’re standing.

> In Europe, the offshore wind market is so well established that new generations of equipment are replacing obsolete machinery.

> In North America, the industry is so new that it exists largely on the drawing boards of offshore-wind developers.

> In Asia, it’s somewhere in the middle as China ramps up its offshore wind capacity.

Pros and cons image article

Pros and Cons of Tidal Energy

Gravity from the sun and moon tugs at the surface of our oceans, creating tides that move massive quantities of water across broad expanses of shoreline twice a day. All that moving water produces kinetic energy we can convert into electrical power.

Though all of the earth’s continents have shorelines and tides, we haven’t done much with all that energy.

Tidal energy has several key advantages that must be weighted against important drawbacks.