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Expert content marketing writer and editor. B2B specialist. Niches: Enterprise IT, cyber security, healthcare, biopharma, fitness/wellness, marine energy, industry, insurance.

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Managed Services: Say Goodbye to Computing Hassles

First you needed a few PCs. Then you needed a server. Then you needed a phone system. Then you needed a network. Then you heard about the business down the street getting hacked. Then you got hacked.

And then you said: “I didn’t sign up for this.”

We all need computers, networks and data to get our work done these days. What we don’t need is the River of Chaos that comes with keeping our IT gear updated, secure and running at full capacity.

Fortunately, there’s a bridge over the River of Chaos. It’s called Managed Services, and you want it because it gets you out of the information technology business and hands your IT headaches over to seasoned experts who know how to cure them.

Ransomware article

How ENT Helped a Local School Rebound from a Ransomware Attack

The attack happened on a Sunday, when few people were around. Hackers apparently based in Russia broke into the computer systems of a St. Louis metro-area charter school system, encrypted all its files, deleted on-site backups, and demanded a ransom paid in bitcoins, the cyber currency.

The school system became the latest victim of the scourge of ransomware, a rising threat in which criminal hackers invade computers or networks, encrypt everything and try to extort a ransom for their victims in exchange for putting their systems back online.