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Expert content marketing writer and editor. B2B specialist. Niches: Enterprise IT, cyber security, healthcare, biopharma, fitness/wellness, marine energy, industry, insurance.

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Dna graphic strands helix article

Data, devices and DNA: Driving a healthier future

Scientists are gathering immense databases exploring how our genes influence our health. And even more data is coming from wearable devices and app-enabled smartphones.

Sooner than we may expect, gene science, big data and wearable technologies will converge to forever change the way we prevent, predict, diagnose and treat diseases.

“I think we're going to see an explosion of all kinds of data that will help manage people's health and predict medicines they should use at a level that's never been done before,” says Michael Snyder, PhD, Professor and Chair of Genetics and Director of the Stanford Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine.

Dna strand article

Genomic Medicine, Data Modeling and Clinical Trials: 3 factors biopharma leaders must understand

A genome is essentially a database of a living thing — which makes translating this precise information a powerful approach for guiding drug development and bringing treatments to market faster.

Data modeling image article

Quantitative modeling for clinical trials

It’s a fundamental of science that today’s failures are stepping stones to tomorrow’s successes.

But that tends to get lost when clinical trial failures hit the headlines. Stock prices take a hit, investors demand answers and patients’ hopes diminish.

Fortunately, drug developers have new tools to reduce the likelihood of clinical trial failures, thanks to the emerging field of data science.